About Devilpicks

My name is Ilaria, and I am an artisan that creates handcrafted picks for guitar and bass. Behind the name Devilpicks lies my great passion for craftsmanship: the creation of my picks starts with the design and the careful choice of materials and ends with the final polishing. But my work doesn’t end here: you will also find me answering your questions and carefully wrapping all your shipments.

I spend my days in my workshop, where I carve, shape and smooth with great concentration the raw materials with which I give life to handcrafted picks. I love being able to focus on manual skills and spend hours covering myself with dust while I complete every little detail.

My work is made up of two opposite aspects, which I both love deeply. On the one hand, while I polish my picks I can find a peaceful place far from the world, isolating myself through my ear protectors or with good music in the earphones. On the other hand, it makes me communicate with musician’s communities, developing customized picks for the most demanding players and helping them to develop the sound they need. It is exciting to know that the small creations I make in my workshop end up in the hands of musicians playing in every corner of the world.

My passion for picks started precisely when I played the electric guitar: I started to smooth and work on the picks I used, customizing them to adapt them to the shape and sound I wanted. Over time, I realized I could combine my interests: music, and craftsmanship, giving shape to unique picks, designed for the musicians who will hold them in their hands.

This is how crafting handmade picks became my job. In recent years I have specialized in the processing of different materials, refining the techniques and never ceasing to experiment. I like to think outside the box, invent new ways to develop my picks, and recycle unusual materials to create new shades of sound. For this reason, among my picks, you will find a great variety of shapes and materials: if you want a custom pick feel free to contact me, and we will understand together if it is possible to create it.

If you can't wait to add to your collection a pick that fits perfectly the use of your instrument and creates the exact nuance you desire to convey to your audience, consult Devilpicks’ catalog, you will find the one that's right for you!