Bone picks


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Description and Features

Bone picks are created through the handmade processing of bovine bones. Therefore, they are completely organic picks. Milky white in color, they are enriched by the precise hand-made smoothing that gives them a matte and clean appearance. The porosity and the density of this material offer a firm grip; in addition, the incision on its surface acts as a grip that allows these picks not to slip when used to play.

Pro tip: using bone picks results in a round and bright sound, which especially enhances high frequencies. Suitable for those looking for a precise and clean sound, they particularly emphasize the precision of solo and arpeggio scores. The smoothing of the bone also makes these picks slide between the strings, favoring the speed of the movements; both of these features make it the best choice for soloists of the metal genre. If you want to know more about the sound differences of each material, in this guide you will find more information on features like hardness and resistance and videos of musicians testing the acoustic performative nuances of Devilpicks’ products

Ilaria's advice: faster players with advanced manual skills will appreciate the smoothing of this material, which is the perfect choice for moving quickly between the strings. In particular, bone picks are ideal for those who use the sweep-picking technique.

Bone picks, like all Devilpicks creations’, are handcrafted and made entirely by hand: this means that each pick is unique and unrepeatable. If you would like custom engravings (such as your name or your band logo), please contact me via the following form.