Coconut picks


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Description and Features

Coconut picks are made from real coconuts finely crafted by hand. These picks are dark-colored and touching them, you can perceive the roughness of the natural fiber of this fruit. The color is reminiscent of wood, but the texture is enriched by the light reflections of its fibers.

Coconut picks are the ones with the most stable and firm grip. In fact, the material, although smooth, preserves a certain roughness; in addition, the picks are designed to have a double grip: on one side the designated incision, and on the other the raw concavity of the coconut.

Ilaria's advice: if when you play it often happens that the pick slips from your hands, coconut picks are the right solution for you. In fact, I have developed a specific processing that allows me to keep a part of the raw surface of the coconut right in the grip area. This, combined with the grip given by the incision on the opposite side, will ensure that the pick will never slip away again!

Pro tip: coconut picks allow you to obtain bright and sharp sounds; for this reason, they give their best with acoustic instruments. The natural texture mainly emphasizes the low and mid-frequency range. If you want to know more about the sound differences of each material, in this guide you will find more information on features like hardness and resistance and videos of musicians testing the acoustic performative nuances of Devilpicks’ products.

Coconut picks, like all Devilpicks’ creations, are handcrafted and made entirely by hand: this means that each pick is unique and unrepeatable. If you would like custom engravings (such as your name or your band logo), please contact me via the following form.