Galalith picks


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Description and Features

Galalith picks are made from galalith, a semifinished product that is obtained by hardening casein, a milk protein. It is a very resistant material, which traditionally is used to create buttons.

The finish of galalith picks is matte, with bright-colored shades reminiscent of mother-of-pearl texture. These picks have a refined and at the same time eclectic and colorful appearance. The incision on the surface acts as a grip and ensures a solid grasp despite its smoothness.

Pro tip: Galalith picks give a warm and full sound similar to that of plastic materials, able to emphasize in particular mid-low frequencies. The picking has a soft yet firm attack. If you want to know more about the sound differences of each material, in this guide you will find more information on features like hardness and resistance and videos of musicians testing the acoustic performative nuances of Devilpicks’ products.

Ilaria's advice: galalith is an elegant and precious-looking material, which is often used to replace unsustainable materials such as mother-of-pearl or horn. This is why I recommend these picks to those who care about the appearance of their pick but also about protecting the environment: in fact, galalith is completely biodegradable.

Galalith picks like all Devilpicks creations are handcrafted and made entirely by hand: this means that each pick is unique and unrepeatable. If you would like custom engravings (such as your name or your band logo), please contact me via the following form.