Plexiglas picks


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Description and Features

Plexiglas picks are the best choice for players looking for a colorful pick, but who don't want to renounce choosing a durable product. This material indeed is not easily damaged and it's perfect to create long-lasting picks.

Plexiglas picks are equipped with a precise and defined rounding along the entire perimeter, finished completely by hand. The incision on its surface acts as a solid grip, which allows these picks not to slip despite the smooth and polished material. In addition, they are available in many shades, from bright and lively ones to darker and lighter ones, in both matte and fluo versions.

They are perfect for those who want to match the color of the pick to the mood of the song or the style of their band. The picks with the semi-transparent finish also shine in the light ... even the stage lights!

Pro tip: plexiglas picks have a very warm, cohesive and round sound, and give the picking a strong and defined attack. These characteristics make them particularly suitable for rhythmic scores. If you want to know more about the sound differences of each material, in this guide you will find more information on features like hardness and resistance and videos of musicians testing the acoustic performative nuances of Devilpicks’ products.

Ilaria's advice: Plexiglas picks have a great advantage: they adapt to the “hand” and the way of playing of the musician who holds them. This is because the more they are used the more the become smoothed, making periodic maintenance unnecessary. If you like these picks I recommend that you always keep up to date on the new colors available!

Plexiglas picks, like all Devilpicks creations, are handcrafted and made entirely by hand: this means that each pick is unique and unrepeatable. If you would like custom engravings (such as your name or your band logo), please contact me via the following form.