Vynil picks


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Description and Features

Vinyl picks are crafted from real engraved musical vinyl records (but only from no longer functional ones). Therefore, each pick, in addition to being unique, carries with it the story of a piece of music and the record that contained it: by observing it you can still see the traces and scratches of the vinyl from which it originated.

Vinyl picks have a full, black, and glossy color which makes them a particularly elegant and refined choice. The sensation to the touch is soft, despite the great resistance offered by this material.

The incision on its surface acts as a solid grip, which allows these picks not to slip despite the smoothness of the vinyl. If you have a record that you are particularly attached to, but which unfortunately no longer plays, write to me: we will evaluate together if it is possible to transform it into picks, to ensure that it can continue to resonate through your music.

Pro-tip: Vinyl picks deliver a warm, clean sound. I like to call it a vintage sound: full, soft, and versatile, it is particularly suitable for those who play pop and for those looking for a round and cohesive sound. If you want to know more about the sound differences of each material, in this guide you will find more information on features like hardness and resistance and videos of musicians testing the acoustic performative nuances of Devilpicks’ products.

Ilaria's advice: vinyl picks are the best choice for those who try handcrafted picks for the first time and want to get used to the considerable thicknesses through small steps. Consider that the thickness of these picks depends on the disc of origin; the minimum available is 1.2 mm.

Vinyl picks, like all Devilpicks’ creations, are handcrafted and made entirely by hand: this means that each pick is unique and unrepeatable. If you would like custom engravings (such as your name or your band logo), please contact me via the following form.